Our research group has a cell biological orientation and integrates itself into the research network provided by the Molecular Life Scientists at Jacobs University Bremen. We run the transgenic mouse facility and the confocal laser scanning microscopy unit.

LSM 510 Meta + FCS         Mouse facility

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Special equipment, expertise, and offers
Bioactivity and toxicity studies of plant-derived substances on mammalian cells – Mammalian cell culture equipment – Microplate fluorescence reader – Cryo-microtome for tissue sectioning – High-end system for image analysis and image processing – Fluorescence microscope for high-resolution imaging – Fluorescence microscope with camera for low-light-level imaging of living cells – Confocal laser scanning microscope Zeiss LSM 510 with META function and fluorescence correlation spectroscopy, including the possibility to run FRAP and FRET routines.

Cell Scratch DeviceCell Scratch Device
Cell Compression DeviceCell Compression Device

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